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From: Earma Brown, Author

Dear Fellow Book Marketer:

Did you write a helpful book designed to solve your audience's problems? Yes. If your book was significant enough to write, it deserves as much exposure as you can give it. A great way to get more leads, more sales and more customers is to promote your book on the internet. Using Internet Marketing will expand your exposure; increase your sales opportunities, cut expenses and more.

You may be saying, I don't know how. That's o.k. All you need is a willingness to learn. I didn't how either when I first started. After thousands of dollars later, seeing my book's title grow and expand around the world I'm glad I pushed past my fears of the unknown. I took classes, read tons of marketing materials, tried new methods and my book sales began to grow. Recently, I gathered all that personal research and experience and compiled it into an ebook. I decided there must be other authors and business professionals that want their book sales to increase to new levels.

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Push Button Easy Book Marketing!

Hi, I'm Earma Brown and I've been doing business online since 2000 and in business Arrow Productions since 1995. I develop websites and internet communities on the web - including the ArticleSpeedway.com| WritetoWin.org and BookWritingHelp.com websites. I'm the author of nine books including "eBook It! Ten Tips to Profit from Your Passion" and "Article Marketing Speedway: How to put your article marketing in the fast lane to sales" as well as other inspirational nonfiction titles.

"Five Good Reasons to Promote Your Book Using the Internet!"

Most people give up just when they're about to achieve success. They quit on the one yard line. They give up at the last minute of the game one foot from a winning touchdown.
--Ross Perot

1. Add an additional income stream.
You may have already built a respected name for yourself offline. An Internet Marketing plan will bring you even more respect. The growing group of people who embrace the Technology Age will expect to find you on the web. They will reward you by buying from you. They love the convenience and instant gratification of on-line ordering.

2. Expand your reach to the world.
When your book is made available on the web, many people will visit from all over the world. It will open the opportunity for you to interact with people outside of your immediate area. When your readers and customers have good success with your book they will tell their friends and associates. Referrals make the best customers for they bring a higher rate of sales.

3. Build your brand name.
Enhance your prestige as a professional. Let your readers know why your book is the best choice. You have built quality into your book, right? So your customers will enjoy spreading the word about your insightful information. As I am sure you have heard before, your customers are your best marketers.

4. Create more awareness.
Offering free articles and tips to your website visitors will go a long way to create more awareness of your book. Remember, 85% of internet users are looking for information. Make it your intent to give something useful and helpful in your area of expertise. As your visitors come for the free, they will become aware of your book. They may not buy the first or even the fifth time but expert statistics say up to 50% will buy.

5. Follow up on your leads fast.
When you invite your readers to leave their email address through testimonials or free articles you can stay in touch with them. Offer a free chapter or excerpt from your book. Draw a picture with benefits and great testimonials why they should sign-up for your free newsletter. You have already invested time into writing a quality book; now develop your Internet marketing plan to enjoy watching your profits soar to new heights. Stay in touch with your buyers. When they order your book follow up with them. Start building your list and send them regular follow-up information, free bonuses and requests.

You have written a great book; now develop your Internet Marketing to enjoy watching your profits soar to new heights. Stay in touch with your buyers. When they order from your website follow up with them. Start building your list and send them regular follow-up information, free bonuses and requests.

Push Button Easy Tips to Market Your Book Online!

I hate to be the one to break the news. But someone has to do it. In case you haven't noticed by now the majority of your book profits will come from the doors and opportunities that the book opens for you. It’s what the publishing industry calls the “back end” sales that will buy your vacation in the Bahamas, not advances or royalties.

Therefore, start by identifying your profit centers and passive income sources you plan to develop from your published book. These will center on publications and services that you offer through your website. Just so you will know what to expect, here are the chapters you will see in the 10 Easy Ways to Market Your Book Online:

1. Get Organized - pg. 04

2. Create an EASY Author’s Website - pg. 10

3. Use Simple SEO to Send Your Book’s Website to the Top - pg.13

4. Convert Book Excerpts to Articles that Market Your Book Online - pg. 17

5. How to Make Your Signature File a Compelling Ad for Your Book - pg. 20

6. Market Your Book Through a Simple eZine or eColumn - pg.23

7. Create an eMail Workshop that WOWs Your Visitors - pg.26

8. Use the Free to Profit Marketing System with Your Book - pg. 28

9. Write a Push Button Easy Sales Letter to Sell Your Book 24/7 - pg. 30

10. Write and Submit a Power Packed Press Release - pg. 34

One who fears failure limits his activities.

-- Henry Ford

5 More Reasons to Market Your Book Online?

6. Grow your existing sales opportunities.
Send out and setup post cards, speeches, book signings, and radio interviews with a toll-free 800 order number for non-techies. Be sure to offer a special price on your book. Improve your customer service and support systems for many enjoy buying online and expect a smooth process. Don't disappoint your online customers.

7. Save on support costs.
Wishing for the rented office space, new equipment, new matching furniture and support staff. Keep working toward your wish. Meanwhile, use online marketing through a website to get easier, cheaper and more effective results than mail, telephone or fax.

8. Cut the cost of selling your book.
Set up a home-based virtual office with much less overhead. With e-book and online marketing you spend less time and money on postage, packaging or mailing. You don't have to depend on brick and mortar bookstores who sell your book through distribution and wholesalers as your only sales channel. If you don't already know these channels leave you with up to 80% less profit. Online bookstores may accept your e-book & print book more readily. Visit sites such as Amazon.com or BookLocker.com for full details.

9. Increase your profits up to 7x or more.
On industry standard book selling sites you receive around 30% royalties for print books, 50% royalties for print e-books via checks periodically through the mail. With your own website for your print book and/or e-book, you will get to keep all the money after expenses along with the added prestige of being an expert in your field.

10. Slash your marketing time.
Email and web communications are short, fast and targeted. You remove time hogs like buying stamps and letterhead. As an added bonus with a couple of hours a week or hiring a computer assistant you can look like a Barnes and Noble reaching thousands of online buyers by investing ongoing attention and maintenance to your website.
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I have written this ebook for writers and professionals, like you, who have been frustrated by the weak results of the traditional marketing of their book. My goal is to help you achieve the goals you have set for your promotion plan. Whether you are just starting and want to start off on the right foot or you want to create a gusher of new sales, this Push Button Easy Book Marketing eKit is for you!

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10 Push Button Easy Reports about Book Writing and Marketing! 1. Synchronize Your Book & Website for Sales. Every author should have a website to get even more publicity and attention for their book. Find out how to synch these powerful tools (book & website.) Implement these tips and hire a 24/7 salesman that doesn't quit year after year.

2. How to Transform Your Book Excerpts Into Short Articles. An easier way to get free publicity has emerged. Implement these tips and get your book and even your career all the exposure you want, whenever you want.

3. Transform Your Book Excerpts Into Profitable eBooks. Have you been looking for another profit stream? Discover how to cash in your book excerpts by transforming them into ebooks to sell or promote your book. Implement these tips and put your book on the fast track to more sales than you ever dreamed and 9 other reports...


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Discover the 101 ways to promote your business for maximum profits. This comprehensive book will show you how to put creative marketing, free publicity, and strategic joint ventures to work for your business so you can sit back and watch your profits explode! Quite simply Powerful Offline Marketing is a feast of business promotion tips that covers both traditional methods through to advance guerrilla marketing techniques.


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Online or in print selling is accomplished by persuasion using the written word. Some people find this easy, while for most, writing effective copy an uphill battle...If you've ever spent sleepless nights worrying why your product(s) aren't selling then worry no more . . .The 10 easy to follow, sales copy strategies revealed in '10 Ways To Write More Effective Ads' are time-tested and known to be effective.


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