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From: Earma Brown

Dear Future Author,

Have you been looking for a change-your-life-experience? You know to end the year right. Look no further. You can absolutely change your life for the better by getting your book done and out to the world this year. In fact, that's exactly what happened to me in 2000. I wrote my very first book and released it to the world. It changed my life beyond my best dreams.

Book Writing Coach by Earma Brown   Hi, I'm Earma Brown and I've been doing business online since 2000 and in business Arrow Productions http://www.arrowproduction.com since 1995. I develop websites and internet communities on the web - including the selfpublishinghouse.net, WritetoWin.org and BookWritingHelp.com websites. I'm the author of nine books including "eBook It! Ten Tips to Profit from Your Passion" and "Article Marketing Speedway: How to put your article marketing in the fast lane to sales" as well as other inspirational nonfiction titles.

Here's What I Love: I love to develop resources that helps you as a service business owner, infopreneur or writer deliver your message effectively and then make money using your information.

For years, my students and peers told me Earma you should write a book. I would chuckle inside because I knew secretly I had been trying to write a book without ANY success. You may be familiar with this one.

For years, I used the stop and start method. Write a little bit and then quit because life happened. I would end up with not enough time, so I thought. Or a major event interrupted everything and the book manuscript ended up in the drawer with other unfinished projects.

You see, I didn't have a lack of ideas for books. I just didn't have a plan and the focus to bring it all to fruition. You've probably already guessed it. One day it all came together for me. It was like I had been handed a gift.

I always knew deep inside there was something I could do that would make a difference in the lives of others. I don't mean just 4 or 5 people or even 10 or 15. I mean hundreds and even thousands of people. Have you ever felt that knowing inside your knower?

I have a suspicion that you have if you have made this far in my letter. I believe its in you to write your best book this year. It's your destiny too to impact the lives of others. If you have a messasge that you want to put in book form, you are in the right place. This is the right book for you.

book writing tips"Want a FREE Jumpstart? Try This to Begin
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Lately, I’ve been getting started with my book projects faster and faster while many continue to struggle along. In fact, I began to feel a little guilty over not helping enough people get started - I'm a teacher at heart.

So, to do my part in helping others get their message into book form, I’m going to GIVE you one of my absolute best strategies for getting a JUMPSTART on writing your book.

You can learn -exactly- how I use a simple strategy to overcome procrastination and more time wasters. You see, I remember how it was trying to get started. As I mentioned earlier, I stopped and started so many times it was ridiculous and embarassing but then one day I came up with a You can learn -exactly- how I use a simple strategy to overcome procrastination and more time wasters. You see, I remember how it was trying to get started. As I mentioned earlier, I stopped and started so many times it was ridiculous and embarassing but then one day I came up with a plan, got started, completed, published my book and never looked back...

FREE 7 Lesson Mini eCourse
How to JUMPSTART Writing Your Very Own
Book In Less Time Than Ever

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book writing tips"How to Impact the Life of Thousands for the Better!"

The 'Write Your Best Book Now' epackage offers 7 Proven steps to write, complete, publish your book and change your life. Think of how muoh easier it will be to have a friendly mentor to guide you through your book writing and publishing journey.

If you're like most people, the thought of writing a book freezes them in their tracks. That's because most people look at their dream as something hard to achieve. This is what I call, dream-killer thinking that blocks the truth 'anyone can write a successful book if they know how.'

You might be one of those people who think: "I'm just not creative enough." "It's too hard." "It'll take too long." This is why you must get the " Write Your Best Book Now." This ebook and epackage with seven bonuses was designed especially to walk you through the steps of writing a book to completion.

Earma Brown wrote Write Your Best Book Now as a step by step guide to take you by the hand and walk you through the process of writing your book. And she tells you exactly how you can profit from your book after it's been published -- so you can gain credibility as an expert and receive multiple streams of income from it after you have written, finised fast and published. You will gain insight to:

  • Gain credibility as an expert in your field
  • Receive life long passive income
  • Change your life forever
  • Give your career a long awaited boost and
  • Impact the life of thousands for the better
"I was inspired by your 'Write Your Best Book Now' principles last year. This year I have published my second book of poetry! 'Just Sitting Here Thinking' is the follow up book to 'Through My Eyes.'"

Felecia Okpagu

tips for writing a book by expert Book Writing Coach"How I Discovered a Way to Write Your Best Book In 7 Easy Steps!"
by Earma Brown, Author, Write Your Best Book Now

This step-by-step book will show you how you, too, can easily write, complete and publish your book. The Write Your Best Book Now book includes:

Ch. 1. How to Write to Win
Why it's Worth it to write your best book and
10 Secrets to getting it done Now!

Ch. 2. Win With the Writer Inside You
7 Step Program to Profit from Your Passion

Ch. 3. Designing Passion Points to Sell More Books
Top Ten Ways to Make Your Book Show You the Money

Ch. 4. Write Destined to Win
10 Steps to Map Your Journey

Ch. 5. How to Sizzle Your Title and Win More Sales
10 Top Tips to Sizzle Your Title

Ch. 6. Dig for Gold Like a Winner
Mine the Gold Called Your Knowledge

Ch. 7. Lay a Good Foundation to Win
Build a Successful House for Each Chapter.

Ch. 8. Write Your Best Book Now
9 Easy Steps to Speed Writing Your Book

Ch. 9. How to Create a Winner's Synergy
How to Fish in the Profit Streams Created by Your Book

"Thanks for all the help you offer. You are simply the best. I have benefited from the two chapter bonus you sent. Initially, I did not know how and where to start. But I do now! Thank you so much. "

Gloria Pat

Discover how to start writing a book!Will a Book Give My Career the Boost It's Been Needing?

You might be asking how a book can change my life. Will it make me more attractive to my clients? Will it give my career the boost its been needing? Will I be viewed as an expert in my field? Yes and Yes.

Publishing your book will do all of that for you. But it gets even better than that. You mean there's a better than that. Yes, after you have completed and published your book, it can give you increase up to 400%. Keep reading if you want to know how a published book can give you a competitive edge like that.

Think about it? Have you been browsing your local bookstore or even surfing online lately? Every book in your Barnes & Nobles, in your Borders and on Amazon.com, someone had to write it. Someone had to have a dream, a vision to see their message in print.

Well have you realized yet that you gain instant credibility just by having a book published? And that credibility gives you the power to increase your fees to expert level - up to 400% and more.

You don't have to call your spouse or family member and tell them you'll be late again today. You won't even have to pull in more people to help you work harder. I can't think of an easier way to change your career, your bottom line and even your life than by publishing a book.

Get sample book proposal inside this ebook packageA Step by Step Plan
Discover how to create your own 130 page book in 7 easy steps.

"Important insight and advice for those planning or are in the process of writing a book. Teaches you not only the steps to take to finally write your book but how to write it to sell as well. Recommended!"

Kimberly Martin, www.self-pub.net

When you get this book now, you will receive:

Find out easy tips on writing a book!INSIDER KNOWLEDGE TO PUT YOU WAY AHEAD OF THE CROWD - You can partner with an expert writer that can point to the easiest, shortest, and most profitable ways to write and publish.

Weapons that Stop Dream-Killers - Uncover how to stop wasting years procrastinating and get your book done now!

Send for Book and Receive 7 Book Writing Help Bonuses!

LEVERAGE TO REAP PROFITS FROM THE INTERNET - Find out how to leverage the internet and your book to create book sales (If you don't learn this secret, you could end up finishing last in the race for book sales)

Techniques to Save Time - A simple 'but powerful technique' of speed writing your book to save time and effort. (Leave it out of your plan and you might add years to writing your book.)

TECHNOLOGY TIPS TO EMPOWER - How to transform your emails into a promotion machine that has the green light on 24/7. (Previously only Industry Insiders knew how to put this simple system to work for them)

Expert Partnership to Just Make It Easy - Master the art of book writing by reading 'Write Your Best Book Now' with 7 step program designed to help you profit from your passion.

MAKE THE BEST PUBLISHING CHOICE FOR YOU - Publishing Tips for 'Traditional Publishing' and unique ways to 'Self-Publishing' in the new millinieum.

The Truth About Good Manuscripts - The truth about 'traditional publishing' and why so many good manuscripts are passed on by major players in the publishing field.

How to Author a Book Without Writing It Yourself - The Write Your Best Now ePackage is loaded with Secrets the Pros Use To Crank Out Profit Generating Books (Without Writing A Single Word) While Lounging At The Pool!

Don't be discouraged about how much you don't know but be encouraged by the opportunities to discover a new world through publishing your own book. Get this book and use the step-by-step plan, insider knowledge and more to get your book done now.

Yes, these Proven 7 Steps helped me to write, finish and publish a book and they will help you too. This ebook and bonuses will give you the tools to write your own unique saleable book.

Find help with writing a book inside this book today!You can't lose with our no risk guarantee all for $67 $29.97

30 DAY GUARANTEE: As you know books by themselves do nothing to change lives. It takes acting upon the principles in the book to really change a heart, a mind, or a life. If within 30 days, you find you are not completely satisfied with the Write Your Best Book Now (paperback) & ePackage you may send the book back but keep all the bonues and I will cheerfully refund your money. No questions asked.

Write a book and publish it this year!Does this sound like a plan you want to use to write your book? If you said YES to that, lets get to how the eBook will be delivered to you so you can use the info -- right away. I've put this information in PDF so that even if you're a PC or MAC user, you too can read it immediately!

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"The Write Your Best Book Now is really a good book! You share a wealth of knowledge about writing books."

Marilyn Worsham, Community College Editorial Consultant

Earma Brown reveals everything you need to know about how to become a successful author. Just take a look at some of the information you'll discover in 'How to Write Your Best Book Now!'

Why it's totally worth it to write your best book now and 10 serets to getting it done now. (Chapter 1)

The 7 simple steps that will open a new world of opportunity and establish you as an authority in your field. (Industry Insiders know the best opportunities are the ones that tap into multiple streams of income.) (Chapter 2)

How to prepare a marketing plan to leverage your success as an author to an even more successful business owner or professional. (Chapter 4)

The top ten tips to sizzle your book's title, every heading and bullet point of your marketing materials and why a book's success is based on the tile. (Chapter 5)

The 8 steps that will help you mine the gold called your knowledge and background. These will make it easy to complete your book. (Chapter 6)

A step by step approach to building a successful house for each chapter. You'll be amazed by how much these simple builder principles will alleviate the stress of writing. (Chapter 7)

Take the pain out of writing with 8 easy steps -- and learn there's only one difference between you and published authors. You must learn this before you even think of writing a successful book. (Chapter 8)

Ways to Use the Information Highway to leverage book sales, and why this can put you on the speedway to sales. (Chapter 9)

Create a synergy between your book and website so you can get evergreen profits that come in 24/7. But first, you have to do this one simple thing. (Chapter 9)

How to transform, repackage, and repeat information so you can leverage life long profits -- without doing any more work. (Chapter 9)

How to develop multiple streams of income through follow-up information products when you learn the easy way to connect with customers. This was unheard of before the Information Age.

How Much Is This eBook and 7 Bonuses?

You'll pay only: $67 $29.97 Why such a low price? This is an introductory price (a special 50% off) for this edition of the book with all the bonuses. I enjoy offering my web friends a great deal of a price. But this price won't hold for long. After the first 100 are sold, (almost there already) the price will return to it's market price of $67

Get Book Writing Tips inside the Write Your Best Book Now ePackage!Here are some extra reasons to get the Write Your Best Book Now ePackage:

Bonus #1 ($39.97):

Discover how to write a book proposal!Bonus #1 How to Write a Winning Book Proposal: Get Paid to Write a Book! (Value $39.97)

Would you like to GET PAID to write a book? If you're thinking this is plain fantasy, think again. All professional writers get paid to write their books.

How? They sell their books via proposals before they write the books. 7 Days To Easy-Money: Get Paid To Write A Book gives you a complete method. The ebook shows you EXACTLY HOW to write and SELL.

Bonus #2 ($29.97):

Need a book writers kit that works ? Get it in this ePackage!Book Writers Kit - Are you ready to make your book dream come true this year. You've waited long enough. Now is the time for you to receive finish line results in your life through writing and your very own book. The Book Writers Kit will contain the following: Kickstart Writing Your Book (ebook), 20 pt Self Editing Checklist, 6x9 Book Writing Templates, Focus Plan to keep you going to completion...

Bonus #3 ($39.97):

10 Easy Ways to Market Your Book Online!When you get ready to sell more books than you dreamed - pull out this ebook! Earma has harnessed the power of internet promotion into one place to set your book ablaze with new sales. Get the ebook Push Button Easy Book Marketing Strategies with software bonuses that help you promote your book to a new market - the WORLD.

Bonus #4 ($29.97):

the Book Title Creator Set including software!Book Title Creator Set (including software) - Headlines Exposed ebook & Report Title Templates to Help Propel Your Book Sales- Don't even think about finishing your book without giving this resource set your full attention. Researchers say your title will create up to 70% of your book's first impression pulling power. Develop this skill and use it all your marketing materials from website headlines, article titles, back cover bullets that get attention and even your ads to pull sales like crazy. Discover how to create titles as a 'match' that ignites your reader's interest.

Bonus #5 ($19.97):

10 Push Button Easy Reports about Book Writing and Marketing!Push Button Easy Reports
1. Synchronize Your Book & Website for Sales
. Every author should have a website to get even more publicity and attention for their book. Find out how to synch these powerful tools (book & website.) Implement these tips and hire a 24/7 salesman that doesn't quit year after year.

2. How to Transform Your Book Excerpts Into Short Articles. An easier way to get free publicity has emerged. Implement these tips and get your book and even your career all the exposure you want, whenever you want.

3. Transform Your Book Excerpts Into Profitable eBooks. Have you been looking for another profit stream? Discover how to cash in your book excerpts by transforming them into ebooks to sell or promote your book. Implement these tips and put your book on the fast track to more sales than you ever dreamed and 9 other reports...

Bonus #6 ($14.97):

Duo Book Writing Planners!Duo Bonus Planners - Writing Project Deadline Planner - You'll want to print this planner out so you can keep your writing project on schedule. It will keep you on track on your current project, and reveiwing it in the furture will help you better estimate the amount of time you should budget for future writing projects.

Bonus Log - (12-Week Progress Log ) Use this log to keep track of the time you spend working on your book. You can't go where you are going until you know where you have been. You should print this out on 3-hole punched paper and save it in a 3-ring binder.

Bonus #7 ($14.97):

Use MS Word Secrets  to help get your book written faster!MS Word Secrets - "Hidden Within Microsoft Word Is A Powerful Set Of Features Capable Of Helping Your Project In More Ways Than You Ever Thought Possible…Discover These Amazing Key Features That 99.9% of Microsoft Word Users Don’t Have a Clue About And Obtain A Powerful Secret Weapon For Your Writing Project..." As A Special Bonus: Learn How You Could Get $100's Of Dollars Worth Of FREE Microsoft Software.

Writing a Book using 7 simple steps to change your life this year!7 Simple Steps to Change Your Life this Year!

As you know, a published book changes your life and provides the competitive edge you need to be unique in the world's marketplace. And when you try Write Your Best Book Now you'll receive all the necessary tools to write & complete that book in style.

Don't let this offer get past you --Act Now! before Midnight . Remember, when you get the Write Your Best Book Now, you'll get 7 bonuses that are yours to keep whether you keep the book or not.

Yes, Earma count me in on the Easiest "Write, Complete, and Publish a Book" Advice Ever Crammed into One Product! I know I will get:

  • 7 step ebook (Write Your Best Book) with easy instructions to guide me writing my own book and receive life long passive income.
  • How to Write a Winning Book Proposal! This ebook walks you through simple steps to write and sell a successful book proposal.
  • Book Title Creator Set including Headlines Exposed ebook, PBE Report "Title Templates that Propel Your Book Sales & Title Creating Software
  • Push Button Reports: Transform Your Book Excerpts Into Short Articles into ecourses, Synch Your Book & Website for Sales & How to Transform Your Book Excerpts Into Profitable Ebooks
  • Bonus Planners: 12-Week Progress Log & Writing Project Planner both designed to keep my book project on track to completion.
  • Bonus Report: Microsoft Word Secrets - Full of useful tips to get better use faster of my MS Word software.
  • Book Writers eKit: Designed to jumpstart your book writing with a plan. This mega kit even includes a 20 pt self editing checklist for your new manuscript
  • Push Button Book Marketing - Another push button easy report to help you leverage your book to top seller status.

I have read the legal statements
and agree to the terms.

An understandable guide on How to Write a Book!

Discover How to Write a Book using this easy 7 step Book Writing Program

Here's to writing your best book now,

Book Writing Coach  

Author, Write to Win Series

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